AlaskasWorld Employee Paperless Travel Login is an online portal that provides details regarding Alaska Air and Horizon Air employees. Through this portal, employees can easily receive updates about their flight plans and save time for the employees that is a precious asset for the employees and Alaska.

The AlaskasWorld portal is an online portal that is solely launched to make the life Alaska Air and Horizon Air employees easy.

This portal allows the employees to check their schedules easily at regular intervals. AlaskasWorld is one of the largest US airlines when we talk about fleet size, passengers carried, and multiple destinations. They provide services on the various routes that connect the state of Alaska to more than 100 destinations in the United States, Hawaii, Canada, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

AlaskasWorld FAQ

Alaska has strived to design this portal user-friendly and simple to operate for each and every employee. Still, if you face any issue just have a look at the FAQ section below. You might get a solution to some of the very common queries easily from here:

How can I get my username to sign in to this portal?

As soon as you are employed by Alaska Airlines or Horizon Airlines, you will automatically be dispatched to your username to access this portal. If you’re facing troubles to get your username, you can contact the HR team of Alaska to get the same.

I forgot my account password. Now, what shall I do?

Depending on the portal you are using, forgetting your account password isn’t a big problem at all. You can reset your account password easily on the official website of this portal. Just read our article and go through the password reset steps. By following those steps, you can easily reset your password.

How can I contact AlaskasWorld Airlines in case of any troubles?

You can use various ways to contact Alaska Airlines.

  • You can reach out to technical support for help.
  • The AlaskasWorld¬† Help Desk number is 1-877-238-1077 during business hours.
  • You can email Alaska Media Relations at [email protected].
  • You can also dispatch a letter to PO BOX 68900 at the address PO Seattle Washington 98168 US.