AlaskasWorld Airlines is the fifth largest airline in the United States if we talk about the factors like fleet size, number of destinations, and number of passengers carried. Alaska has been the people’s choice for a good time now. This portal is the best when it comes to checking the schedule for the employees, checking the working hours of Alaska, getting the latest updates and information regarding Alaska, etc.

Horizon Airlines is a regional airline headquartered in SeaTac, Washington, USA. It provides some great quality of services to more than 45 destinations, which includes several international airports. The two airlines Alaska Airlines and Horizon Airlines are subsidiaries of the Alaska Air Group.

This online portal has made corporate life easy for all the employees of Alaska. Also, the management team of Alaska uses this portal effectively to make sure that the employees of Alaska are on the mark.

Official Login or Get Support

AlaskasWorld Registration Procedure

To sign up on this portal, you need to follow a set of very simple steps. Have a look at the steps to register yourself on this portal below:

  1. To begin with, visit the official website of this portal at
  2. Visit the register section of this portal.
  3. A form will be displayed on your screen that inquires some details like the name, address, contact details, etc.
  4. Now, you will be asked to submit the username and password that will work as your login credentials on your future visit to this portal.
  5. After submitting the required details, verify it once, and tap “Register”.
  6. A message acknowledging your registration will be displayed on your screen. This step concludes your registration procedure on this portal.

Accessing The AlaskasWorld Online Portal

To access Alaskasworld’s PET website, you need to follow some simple and basic steps. The only thing you need to do is signing to your account:

  • Enter from any of the web browsers from your device to access the portal.
  • Go with “PET” in the popup window. AlaskasWorld’s PET registration page will be displayed on your screen.
  • Select the company you work for by choosing the radio button of that particular company given on the left-hand side.
  • In case, you are an AlaskasWorld Airlines employee, submit the Arctic Employee Identification Number in the “User ID” field. Submit your Horizon employee ID if you are serving Horizon.
  • In case, you don’t remember your employee ID, you can reset the same easily.
  • Now, submit your account password. Also, note down the password that you set somewhere.
  • Now, allow the web browser to save your sign up details if you wish the same to store your login credentials for your future visit.
  • After this, tap the “Register” button.

Thus, it can be safely said that registering and using this portal after the registration procedure is not a tedious task at all. You can easily register on this portal and access all the benefits offered by it.

Secondly, you should be aware of some tools required to access the AlaskasWorld employee sign-in portal. Alaska’s online portal is an extremely user-friendly portal. Thus, you can access the same using various tools.

Can the AlaskasWorld portal be used on the mobile phone?

Everyone is aware of the fact that the Alaska Global Employee Portal is available online. Thus, it is an obvious thing that you will require a computer or laptop to access the services and the benefits offered by this portal. However, if you are on a leave or on vacation and these devices are not with you, you can easily access this portal by using the tablet or the smartphone.

For the best performance of this employee login portal, make sure that the latest version of the Internet browser is installed on your devices. Also, kindly make sure that your internet connection must be stable.

The AlaskasWorld PET platform is a secure online portal for Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air employees. The two airlines jointly launched and managed the website. This website provides its employees with a secure communication platform. Therefore, the AlaskasWorld website works as a boon for Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air employees.

Official NameAlaskasWorld
PurposeAlaska's employee login
Launched ByAlaska Airlines
CountryUnited States
UsersEmployees of the Alaska Airlines

If you are an Alaska or Horizon airline employee, you can easily use the AlaskasWorld online portal. All the employees of Alaska can easily sign up on this portal and make sure that they access all the benefits offered by this portal.

AlaskasWorld Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of launching this portal?

This online portal makes life easy for the Alaska employees as they can access all their corporate life details in one place.

What are the credentials required to access this online portal?

You will be requiring the username and AlaskasWorld password to sign in to your account and access your account.

Is using this online portal safe?

Yes. It is extremely safe for each and every employee of Alaska to use this online portal.

Alaska Airlines is an airline that is headquartered in Seattle and based in SeaTac, Washington. The airline was established in the early 1930s under the name of McGee Airways. Many mergers and acquisitions took place before Alaska Airlines changed its name in the 1940s. The airline provides some of the best services in the United States, Mexico, and Canada, as well as the islands of Hawaii.

This airline carries a number of passengers between Alaska and the United States. It is ranked as one of the biggest and the most important airlines in the United States, that manage approximately one-seventh of passenger traffic in the United States. Horizon Air is the sister airline of Alaska. AlaskasWorld portal has solely been launched to make the life of the employees at the Alaska simple.

It is possible that Alaska’s online portal might give some issues due to the server problem. The employees are advised to try again to access this portal after some time. Still, if the issue persists, they can freely contact the customer support of Alaska and make sure that all their queries are resolved in no time.

Thus, all the employees of Alaska should definitely register themselves on the AlaskasWorld online portal at and make sure that they access all the benefits provided by this online portal.

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